Cool New Mural at Hotel Paradox: Big Art, Big Fun in Santa Cruz

Cool New Mural at Hotel Paradox: Big Art, Big Fun in Santa Cruz

At the Hotel Paradox on Ocean Street, a massive mural measuring 200 feet in length has made Santa Cruz even more cool. Artist Jeremiah Kille is responsible for the creation of this incredible thing. In Sacramento and throughout the surrounding area, he is well-known for creating incredible works of art. A great deal of attention is being paid to this brand-new mural, which was completed in the month of November.

Get to know Jeremiah Kille, the art wizard.

The guy with the magic paintbrush, Jeremiah Kille, told everyone about his new project. He’s done a lot of big murals before, but this one was different. The most difficult part? Adding a big monarch butterfly to the mural, which now flaps its wings with pride. There’s no doubt that this is Kille’s most famous mural. You can’t miss it if you’re walking down Ocean Street.

The mural magic show is a big art show that everyone can enjoy.

This painting isn’t just on the outside of Hotel Paradox at 611 Ocean St. Along Dakota Avenue and the north side of the hotel, it goes all the way around the corner. Everyone who walks by feels like they’re at a big art party.

Kille told everyone how excited he was that people in the community were. People walked up to him, asked him questions, and praised his great progress while he was adding splashes of color. His voice rings with happiness as he talks about the fun times he’s had with curious people.

Hotel Paradox and Art: Always Best Friends

Melanie Begin thrilled to working with Jeremiah Kille. She is in charge of making sure that guests have a great time at Hotel Paradox. They met through art in 2021, when Kille was a guest at the hotel’s Second Friday Artist Reception.

Start said, “Jeremiah is amazing,” showing off how quickly they became friends. She talked about how much people love Kille’s art and how the hotel managers agree with them. They know how important it is to back up local artists. Start feels lucky every day to remember how great it is to live in a beach town with people who support their creative friends.

A burst of color is the finishing touch. Thank You to Everyone

The Hotel Paradox’s new mural is more than just a pretty picture. It’s an honor to work together and show love to the community. The art skills of Jeremiah Kille and the friendly people at Hotel Paradox and in Santa Cruz turned a plain wall into a lively work of art. People who walk down Ocean Street don’t just pass a hotel; they dive into the great spirit of Santa Cruz, where art, community, and a little beach town magic all come together.